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Frequently asked questions about our boards

Please make an appointment before arriving. We cant always answer the door as we could be mid laminating a board

Work shop address;

Unit 4, 2 St Marys Road, Hayling Island, PO11 9BY

We are up a small driveway in between ‘Home Instead’ and the ‘Royal Mail’ sorting office. Parking is very tight so best to park on the road. 

Swift foiling is up the stairs on the right as you come up the drive. 

When you order, you will be able to see our stock level of standard pre-made boards.   These can be shipped within 24 hours or can be picked up by appointment.

We are committed to getting your board to you as quickly as possible! We use the highest quality carbon and foam available and make all our boards ourselves in the UK.

If left in direct sunlight and or prolonged heat your board may eventually distort or delaminate. Always keep your board stored in cool and covered environments.   Do NOT leave it in the direct sunlight for extended periods.

There is a self venting plug fitted to the deck of every board.  This prevents the building up of pressure within the board caused by changes in core temperature or altitude when flying as the name suggests you don’t need to touch these  

Yes – all our boards can be used with any plate mounted foil. We do not manufacture boards with tuttle plate attachments at this time.

In general the further forward you place your foil on the boxes the more lift your foil creates and the further back you place your foil the less lift your foil will create. Your foil placement will vary depending on skill level, size of board & size of wave or speed you will be flying. We recommend starting with less lift (further back) until you feel comfortable with your foil and placement.

Here at Swift Foiling we are big believers in the freedom you get riding strapless

We strongly advise beginner to ride strapless until proficiently foiling in both directions

Strap placement will be different for all riders and for different foils. We suggest you start by mounting your foot straps in the middle and your foil mounted in the centre of the track. This gives you a good base to start from with plenty of adjustment to suit your style of riding.

YES, foiling is an inherently dangerous activity.  Never foil around others and be vigilant of your surroundings. Just as in all watersports, respect your community and the rules of the beach that you are at.