Swift Foiling "Hall of Fame"

Please send over your entry’s with a either video or gps watch proof to be added onto the list and your chance to win BSBSBSBSB

Round Hayling Island logged times

  1. Sam Light 1hr 5min
  2. Hugo 1hr 10min
  3. fdgdg 
  4. gfchbfd

Dock start pump times (flat water no wind)

  1. Dom 
  2. Sam

Sup flat water paddle up pump time (flat water no wind)

  1. Dom
  2. Sam
  3. Angus 

Top speed

  1. a
  2. s
  3. d

Fastest DW 1km SUP

  1. Dom
  2. Christian

Fast DW 1km Prone

  1. Rick

Fastest DW 1km Wing

  1. dave