NextGen - the wingboard progresses

Angus here rides a NextGen 80 litre with Ozone 5m wing and GoFoil 1000 on fantastic winter swell at Hayling


Wing NG – the next generation wing board 

The trend towards high aspect foils has required a change in board design.

The speed at which foils become affective is drastically different when comparing low and HA foils.

 HA foils will stall if you try to pop up onto the foil to early. Thus the design is focused around creating a board that planes early and has low drag. 

Some of the key design features include

  • long flat tail – early planing 
  • Square cut tail – aids water release reducing drag 
  • Forward positioned foil mount- to suit high aspect foils 

A concave deck provides an assured feel under foot and improves rail to rail weight transfer resulting in a more responsive ride. Paired with a 2 or 3 strap set up with 5 hole adjustability allows you to tweak your stance.

“Built Better” Carbon Innegra layup gives a lightweight, ultra tough and durable board that wont ding every time it takes a knock

The NextGen is available in the following sizes

30 litres – base price £995
40 litres – base price £995
50 litres


Our suggestions:
Absolute beginners would be better with a WingBoard Pro in a 100 to 120 litre size.

Those progressing would find a 70/80 litre board very flexible.  Go 80 litre for body weight range 85 to 120 kg.  Or 70 litre for smaller riders.        

The 30/60 litre models are sinkers bla bla bla

Standard deckgrip is as shown – price included
Supagrip custom deckgrip –  + £250

Supagrip is bla bla 


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