At Swift Foiling we challenged ourselves to Build the best foil boards on the market

Built better

And bring them to you in the most economical way possible

The big name manufacturers design their products in Europe or Maui, but build them in the Far East (Thailand, China or Vietnam).  The boards are transported by container to an importer, then by truck to a retailer and then sold to you.  

Designers, builders, importers and retailers all need their cut and the product gets marked up many times.  The boards are built to a price, as any extra dollar spent on construction becomes 3 or 4 dollars on the sales price.

We do it differently – we aim to make 250 boards a year.  We have small premises, low head count and we sell direct  to you.  No middlemen involved.  We can afford to use top quality components whilst keeping our pricing fair.

Giving you the best boards at the best prices.


Deal direct and cut out the middle men!


No ships from the Far East, no warehouses to keep warm, no trucks and shops.


Made in a week - stock always replenishing.

Meet our team

Adding inserts to a wing foil board



When he started Swift Foiling, Angus swapped a life at sea as a super yacht captain for a land based existence. But naturally he has found a way to remain on the water as much as possible.

When he is not out on the water testing the latest prototypes you can find him in his shed making e-bikes, machining parts on a lathe or fabricating something with his welder.

Growing up on Hayling meant having one of the best kite and windsurf spots in the country right on his doorstep. Thus it was no surprise he took up kitesurfing at age 14. For the next 15 years he would go whenever time and conditions allowed. However, in recent years Angus has swapped kiting for winging and, now addicted to life on the wing, he hasn’t looked back.

Mixing epoxy resin for a wing foil board



The summers of his childhood were spent in the water off Hayling island . It was here watching his older cousins building; wakeboard winches, bungie boards and hydrofoils where he realised his own passion for design.

Often finding himself consumed by an idea, he would spend all hours in the workshop bringing a concept to life.

This passion led him on to study Mechanical Engineering at University. An interest in the materials side of design meant he chose to study modules including; Composite design and Failure of Materials and Components.

Enjoying anything that gets the adrenaline pumping, he is a qualified snowboard instructor and is into a variety of board sports. Despite this, he was relatively late to the foiling party and it wasn’t until the advent of winging when he was hooked by foiling.