E-Sea-Foil cruise - The most powerful retrofit foil assist system on the market!

E-Sea-Foil are a UK company building a foil assist system compatible with any foil brand and board.

If you are trying to get into downwinding or wanting to get out winging on thoes lighter days this is the tool for the job.

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E-Sea-Foil boost – from £2,748

Best for SUP surf, Low Wind Wing, Prone Foiling and Down Winding 

  • Average 2-3 hours Surf Time
  • Peak Thrust: 26kg
  • 28-32V Lithium Battery
  • Weight: 3.7kg

E-Sea-Foil cruise – from £3,245

Best for Performance Foiling, heavier riders and E-foiling 

  • Average 2-3 hours Surf Time
  • Peak Thrust: 29.5kg
  • 36-42V Lithium Battery
  • Weight: 4.4kg

Technical features

e-sea-foil exploded diagram

Mast clamp inserts

To attach the system to the hydrofoil, a durable two-piece mount is supplied, which fits perfectly around your existing mast. The mastgrasp is a flexible rubber insert, specifically designed to fit inside the mount of your chosen brand of mast. This provides a secure and streamlined fit.

Wireless remote

Easy to use wireless remote with screen.
e-sea-foil remote
e-sea-foil battery

Additional battery available

Additional battery packs for both the Cruise and Boost models to keep you out on the water for longer.

Paddle mount

The paddle mount is a universal fit adaptor to hold the controller onto your paddle, supplied with all relevant fixings to attach to your paddle and be positioned to suit your riding style.
e-sea-foil paddle mount