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Board shown EZ 140L with split red/white colour

The SWIFT //EZ is our zero to hero beginner foil board for riders looking for that one board you won't out grow. It is available in 3 standard sizes which can be customised to suit you.

Light weight and strong

Our carbon Innegra / epoxy construction for our beginner foil boards is bullet proof but remains light weight. This provides the best combination between performance and durability.

Evolving shape

While sticking with the key features which identify the EZ beginner foil board we are constantly developing the design making incremental improvements to stay ahead of the curve.

Quick release design

The EZ beginner foil board is designed to get up and go. Quick and easy to break from the water to give you the best ride and to improve technique quickly.

3D view


Board shown is EZ 120L beginner foil board
EZ 120L wing foil board flat water riding
Love riding my Swift wing foil board. Always get comments and my riding has improved (which I put down to the board and not my talent). Amazing to support local and talented shapers selling direct to the customer. I will be back for my next board!
Nick Searle
Witterings, Chichester Harbour

The details

SWIFT // EZ beginner foil board is built to order in 3 proven sizes.

Unlike the mass-producers, we cut each board individually and will customise details and dimensions to suit you.

EZ 100L

100 litres
5' 6" x 27"
£ 1395.00
Typical rider weight - less than 80kg *

EZ 120L

120 litres
5' 9" x 29"
£ 1445.00
Typical rider weight - 70/100kg *

EZ 140L

140 litres
6'3" x 30"
£ 1445.00
Typical rider weight - over 90kg *
* Rider weight shown is approx for a new rider with little relevant experience looking for a beginner foil board. If you have previous experience of kite surfing, windsurfing or foiling, then you might progress faster and could go with a slightly smaller board. If you are young, fit and sporty, again you might go smaller. Otherwise, if you're in any doubt, you should choose a larger board.

Built with ultra durable carbon innegra & epoxy

The SWIFT // EZ beginner foil board is built with a premium Carbon Innegra cloth and epoxy resin as standard. We use a vacuum epoxy construction to maximize the fiber to resin ratio. This creates a stronger tougher laminate giving it the ability to take those inevitable knocks.

EZ 140L wing foil board on display
EZ 140L beginner foil board in standard blue white split colour

Finished in a super hard polished epoxy in blue / white.

Unlike the big brands, we do not use fillers and paint which can easily chip and scratch. We pigment the epoxy with your chosen colour and finish with a clear epoxy gloss coat. This creates the most durable finish possible.

or customise with your own colour scheme

Choose from a range of single, dual colour and fully custom multi colour styles

With a choice of epoxy pigments and styles we will make your board unique
Paint effects photographed on SWIFT // NG wing foil boards but we do the same options with the larger SWIFT // EZ beginner foil board

We fit indestructible foil boxes

With our internal board structure, we have created one of the strongest foil boxes on the market. This provides you, the rider, with that ultra rigid and connected feel and minimises damage from groundings. 

Tell us your foil brand and we will customise the foil box location to suit you. We fit either 10.75″ or 16″ tracks to suit.

wing foil board foot strap set up

and inserts for footstraps

We build this board with the inserts to accept the standard 3 footstrap set up. We suggest to learn without footstraps you can fit them later as you progress – although many people don’t.

Supagrip deckpad as standard or go custom with Surfdek

Our board comes as standard with our black diamond tread “Supagrip” deck pad. You can choose to upgrade this to a customisable “SurfDek” pad. With this you have the ability to choose tread pattern and colour. This also comes with the added feature of a relay tag in the case your board gets lost.

wing foil board supagrip
Supagrip deck pad
wing foil board SurfDek Pro deck pad
SurfDek Pro
EZ 140L wing foil board on the beach
EZ 140L beginner foil board in red white split colour with AXIS 1040 starter foil

Add an AXIS starter foil pack

AXIS Foils make some of the best  foils and certainly have a massive range of options when you gain experience.  

Choosing the perfect foil is simple. The AXIS Super Easy Starter package comes in 2 sizes:

SES 1040 –  Best suited to riders 80kg and over, or any rider in areas where light winds or small surf prevail. (Wingspan 1040mm, Actual Surface Area 1957sqcm)

SES 940 –  Best suited to riders less the 80kg, or heavier riders in areas where medium/high winds or larger surf prevail. (Wingspan 940mm, Actual Surface Area 1668sqcm)

Both systems employ the new SES 450/80 rear stabiliser wing, designed specifically for stability, control and easy turning.

Special package price when bought with a board on order form below. 

Add an OZONE wing or two


The wasp V3 is an amazing all-round performance wing excelling in any condition and disciplines. It is lightweight, simple to set up and easy to use with improvements to the power handles, de-power surf handle, windows, waist leash strap, canopy material and an updated size range.

We would suggest either a 5m for the larger riders or a 4.3m for smaller riders as a good beginer set up.  It is easier to learn and get up foiling with a bit more power. the better you get the less power you need to get up foiling. 

Special package price when ordered with your board on order form below.

EZ 100L wing foil board riding with a ozone wasp v2 5M
EZ 120L in standard blue white split colour

Angus comments....

The design of this beginner foil board is focused around creating a stable platform to maximise fun.

Keeping the boards wide helps with off-the-foil stability which is beneficial from kneeling right up to take off.

Having high volume yet remaining comparatively short keeps swing weight down resulting in a responsive, manoeuvrable board with the feel of one far smaller.

An optimal volume distribution provides buoyancy where it is needed. Put simply you can stand in one position from sloshing through to foiling

“Built Better” Carbon Innegra layup gives a lightweight, ultra tough and durable board that won’t ding every time it takes a knock.

The SWIFT // EZ range is available in 3 sizes to suit all weights and skill levels

Ringing a 80L NG wing foil board Antigua
EZ 100L wing foil board harbour riding
Dom testing an early 120

and for beginners....

If you are a beginner, you will need to embrace the learning process. Whilst you will hear more experienced riders talk about getting smaller boards, this is once they have developed significant skill. Wing foil boards below 90L are very hard to learn on due to the lack of stability and buoyancy.

The SWIFT // EZ is a larger board which is specked for beginners, but still performs. Many of our riders are very happy to stay with a larger board forever…

The most frustrating part of learning wing foiling is getting the board off the water and up onto the foil. This requires you to get above the lift speed of the foil whilst in control of direction and balance. 

Some people learn this quicker than others! For this reason we would suggest you start on a larger board that comfortably floats with your body weight – it will give you the added stability you need to taxi round. If you are stable and in control, then with the right wings and foils (see our starter bundles below)  learning to fly will be made easier. 

 Our boards release from the water surface easily – get straight line speed and up they come, eliminating the need to pump. Once the board is up and flying, the fun starts. 

For the first year or two, you wont need to worry about getting a smaller board – just focus on improving technique and coping with a wider range of conditions!

If you try to learn on a small board, you will find it very frustrating and could give up before you crack it. You may also struggle to get home if you can’t balance when the wind drops. You don’t want too many days when you get up, fall in, repeat until tired and swim in. The easiest way to learn is to start on a bigger board, a big foil and slightly over-powered sail.

Foil board tech details

All our boards are built using an epoxy vacuum construction. Epoxies have superior strength compared to cheaper alternative polyester resins so it was an easy decision for us to make. 

Vacuum bagging boards during lamination applies an even pressure over the surface which allows us to achieve a greater fibre density within the resin matrix, resulting in a stronger, lighter board.

Our beginner foil boards are laminated with a hybrid cloth woven from both Carbon and Innegra fibres.

Carbon fibre has an excellent strength to weight ratio having a low density, high tensile strength and a high Young’s Modulus (stiffness).  However, it fails catastrophically due to poor fracture toughness. For this reason full carbon boards are easily damaged and tend to be over built to compensate for this, actually making them heavier. 

Innegra is a strong, light weight fibre. Having similar properties to kevlar it is incredibly tough. However, unlike kevlar which wicks water, Innegra is hydrophobic, making it the perfect material for water sports equipment.

By combining Carbon and Innegra in one weave, we get the benefits of both. We have run multiple tests on different layups and chosen the layup with the best balance of strength and weight.

We pigment the epoxy during construction rather than painting our boards.  Unlike others, you can clearly see we are not using paint to cover up fillers!  This also helps keep the weight down and gives a more durable finish that wont scratch off when you put the board down on the beach.

Each board is sanded by hand.  This makes each board unique and one of a kind.

We then finish with a clear UV stabilised epoxy gloss coat polished to a shine.  

All our boards are designed on specialist computer aided design software.  This defines the shape and allows us to understand the hydrodynamics including drag, centre of buoyancy and volume distribution. We can prototype new shapes quickly and adjust the design for the optimum board – we go from a concept to a test board within a week which gives us a fantastic feedback cycle to ensure we develop quickly.  Using CNC machining  we get great accuracy and repeatability of profiles that you could not get from hand shaping.

The foil Box is the most highly stressed point on the board and as such required us to design and engineer a solution to handle these loads.

We manufactured multiple inserts to transfer these high loads though the board and further strengthened this area with carbon. 

We are proud to say we have never had a foil box rip out or fail and believe we have created one of the strongest on the market. 

We install lifting handles on the bottom to make getting to the water that bit easier.  It is fitted on the bottom so that the wing can be kept away from the foil when carrying everything to the water.   

A ‘Gore’ self venting plug is fitted.  This prevents the building of pressure within the board, caused by changes in core temperature or altitude when flying. 

Why buy Swift Foiling ?


With the big brands you are paying for cheap materials, freight from China, multiple reseller markups, and delivery miles. With SWIFT you are paying for quality materials - epoxy and carbon, producing solid builds that last. No markups - we sell direct to you.


With the big brands it can take up to a year for product innovations to appear on a mainstream board. Swift products are continuously developed and every board is current


When you buy direct, you deal with the people that design and build your board. If the wind is up, we are riding and testing every week of the year. We know what works.

See what others on the beach are saying...

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Our boards are built to order.  The time for a standard board is currently 3 weeks from cleared payment.

We enjoy customising boards and will work with you to make yours unique and the best board on the beach!     Customisation does add a little delay as we cannot start the build until we have confirmed any changes with you.




Board size

Standard is 10 more litres than your bodyweight in kg. More experienced water-starters will go far smaller.


How would you like this board built?
The standard construction is Carbon Innegra this is a super durable construction. We can build this board in full carbon construction with full show layup. This looks fantastic and comes out lighter, but carbon is not as durable.

Colours and graphics

Select design
Board shown is NG75L for illustration

Deck options

Footstrap inserts
Illustration foot strap layout is show on a NG 75L
Add Footstraps
SurfDek is a premium deckgrip custom made to each board. There is a choice of 8 colours and any design

Special Bundles packages

Add an Ozone wing (or two!)
Other sizes are available on request. We will get in contact to discuss which colours are available.

We fit foil boxes in black. These are super strong. If you advise us your foil brand we will locate box appropriately. Please note that the longer foil box adds weight and should not be specified if not needed.

Anything else ?

Some riders don't require a handle on smaller boards.
Please advise of anything else we should know
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