Want to build your own board?

Most of our wingboards are fully built to order, but we will provide materials if you want to build your own.

This can be a self build kit of parts for any of our current designs, or we can cut and shape foam only to your or our design, or we can supply the construction components indvidually

SWIFT self build board kit

foil board blank
HD foam inserts for building kits

This kit contains the parts you need to build a wingboard from a CNC-cut eps foam blank shaped according to any of our designs.    It will also be machined to accept the following extra pieces where ordered

  •  High density foam puck cut to take foil tracks
  • Through hull strengthening pieces to transfer foil loads within the board
  • Leash plug
  • Goretex vent plug
  • Handle
  • Footstrap inserts

It will be supplied in a protecting block but cannot be dispatched by courier for fear of damage.  So it’s collect only.

All the parts in this kit are available seperately – see below 

EPS foam blank

This is a block of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) suitable to carve a wingboard.  It weights 22 kg per cubic metre

EPS foam blank & CNC cutting

Machine cutting limits, L = 2700mm x W 760mm x 150mm. We can cut any .s3dx file that fit with in our machine limits.

Once ordered we will be in touch to go over your .s3dx file.

Price includes foam blank 22kg per M3

PET foam puck - standard

PET foam puck to fit std 10.75″ and futures 10.75″ tracks 340mm x 197mm x 50mm

PET foam foot strap insert double

PET foam puck - long

PET foam puck to fit chinook 16″ Long tracks 470mm x 197mm x 50mm

PET foam foot strap insert double
PLEASE NOTE: This is a service to help home builders - we were homebuilders initially and struggled to get the bits. BUT - we are very busy and so we cant take calls to coach you through how to make a board or laminate with epoxy etc. Only tackle this project if you have the skills or are prepared to learn them on Youtube!