AFS SILK Complete



The ultimate wave riding foil. The overall shape of the foil offers the optimal balance of glide, maneuverability and control. Work the smallest wave with surgical precision and pump to the peak effortlessly.

Available in June.

Product details

Silk Foil Features

  • Smooth As Silk
  • Mono-bloc structure
  • Ultra thin profile
  • UHM Carbon construction
  • Made in France

Which program?

A foil designed for uncompromising wave riding. Developed to boost the performance of experienced prone foilers, its incredible glide will also work wonders in wingsurfing in the waves.

Which foil?

Silk 650 Silk 850 Silk 1050
Perfect for very advanced prone foil riders and very light weight riders. Powerful waves. Excellent for wave riding wing foiling. Works in kitefoil wave and tow in. For excellent prone foilers and wing foilers in intermediate wind and wave conditions. Can be used as a freewave kite foil.. For good riders looking to perform in lighter conditions in prone foil and wingsurf.


Surface (cm2) Wingspan (mm) Aspect Ratio Chord Thickness Construction
Silk 650 650 720 8 115 mm 13,7 mm UHM Carbon
Silk 850 850 824 8 134 mm 16 mm UHM Carbon
Silk 1050 1050 916 8 150 mm 17,9 mm UHM Carbon

With which stabilizer?

Stab Surface (cm2) Wingspan (mm) Compatibility Construction
132 132 300 Silk 650 UHM Carbon
142 142 320 Silk 850 UHM Carbon
152 152 340 Silk 1050 UHM Carbon

With which mast?

Silk foils have a carbon mast specially designed for their surfing needs. They are not compatible with Performer masts.


Use of carbon in UHM (Ultra High Modulus). This allows the foil section to be optimized while give the foil at the same time, strength, stiffness and lightness.

What is included?

SILK foils are sold complete with a full protective cover, 80 cm Silk Mast, Front wing, stab, screws and fuselage.