AFS Adanced Ultra High Modulus Mast

Within the AFS Advanced range, now available, the Performer mast with Ultra High Modulus Carbon (UHM). Available in 78, 85, 97 and 107cm sizes.

UHM what’s it?

Premium, Ultra High Modulus carbon fibres are extremely stiff and will add rigidity to a mast. Increases of up to 40% stiffer in torsion and 26% stiffer in flex to be exact, compared to the Performer HM mast.

Key advantages of a more rigid mast:

• Better control due to an increased directness of feeling, no loss of rider input.
• Better pumping performance, effort = result!
• Improved control over the increase in forces of larger foil-spans
• Efficient, optimised foil shapes, reducing drag, giving increased glide