SUP 106L

SUP 6' x 24" x 106L

The design of this board focused around getting the best paddle speed we could from a short length.

This board is suit to down wind runs and

An optimal volume distribution provides buoyancy where it is needed. Put simply you can stand in one position from sloshing through to foiling

“Built Better” Carbon Innegra layup gives a lightweight, ultra tough and durable board that ding every time it takes a knock.

WING 90L | 100L | 120L


90L – 5’2” x 27”
100L – 5’5” x 29”
120L – 5’9” x 30”


Combining the toughness of the Innegra with the stiffness of the Carbon allows us to manufacture the strongest yet lightweight board that won’t ding every time it takes a knock.

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Boards in stock will be shipped in 24hrs or can be colleted by appointment


Features / Tech

Carbon reinforced Futures fin box provide a rock solid platform to transfer your every movement to the foil.

Carbon Innegra construction gives a strong yet lightweight board that won't ding every time it takes a knock.

Double concave nose reduces drag during touchdowns and helps keep the board tracking straight pre take-off.

Fit and forget vent plug to let your board breath.

Footstrap inserts for a 2 strap set up with off set rear strap

Pigmented epoxy resin, no paint no filler no nonsense