Welcome to Swift Foiling, your direct-to-consumer store for high-quality wing foil boards and top-notch foiling equipment in the U.K. All our wing foil boards are fully customisable and crafted right here in the United Kingdom. We are passionate about wing foiling and committed to providing enthusiasts with the best products and services.


Why Choose a Swift Foiling Wing Foil Board?

Tailored Excellence: Fully Customizable Wing Foil Board
  • Swift Foiling takes pride in offering a fully customizable wing foil board, ensuring you get the exact specifications to suit your riding style.
Crafted in the UK: Experience Local Expertise, Global Innovation
  • Our wing foil board is meticulously crafted in the UK, blending craftsmanship with cutting-edge innovation for an unmatched riding experience.
Versatility for Every Rider: From Beginners to Seasoned Pros
  • Swift Foiling boards cater to all levels, from adventurous beginners looking for a thrill to seasoned pros seeking the next challenge on the waves.

Explore Swift Foiling's Wing Foil Board Collection:

Direct-to-consumer model
  • By cutting out unnecessary middlemen, we ensure more of your investment goes into production, allowing us to build the best product possible.
  • This also allows us to minimize transportation impact, reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring a more sustainable approach to distribution.
Reviews Speak Volumes
  • Read firsthand experiences from satisfied customers on the Swift Foiling website. Our wing foil board has garnered praise for its performance and design.

Craft Your Unique Adventure with Swift Foiling:

Fully Personalized Designs
  • Swift Foiling empowers you to unleash your creativity with fully customizable options, including colors, designs, and features, making your foil board as unique as your style.
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As you move to a higher performance board, you will know what you need. The SWIFT // NG is customisable to be built to order your way.

Kept current – NG (Next Gen) incorporates the latest ideas in high performance wing foiling.

Uses NG design but in larger sizes and pre-configured for the first time rider. It will get you up and going easily.

There are no compromises here – it could easily be your “forever board”.

Downwind paddling or light wind summer wing foiling – with its longer waterline, this board will get up and go when others stick

Full carbon prone foil boards designed and built to get the best from UK conditions.

Speak direct

All Swift foil boards are made in the UK to your spec - change any detail you want to make it unique. Talk to the team that make your board - we ride the kit, we know what works.

Most boards are made to order, but if we have time then some extra boards are pre-built for stock and immediate delivery.