Armstrong foils now available

Have you seen the forecast? It’s 40+ knots wind this weekend and our beach here on Hayling is going to take a pounding. It’s going to be too strong for winging, although we did try surfing downwind in the harbour this morning. The pic shows Dom running down waves on a Swift Foiling Wing100L and Armstrong HS1850 foil with 45 knots on his back!

The good news here is that we are now reselling Armstrong foils. These are premium foils which work extremely well with our Swift Foiling wing boards.

Armstrong give you

  • A flexible range of foils in sizes from 850 to 2400 cm2 in either a cruisy CF format or a more sporty higher profile HS format
  • A modular system with easy assembly but with very tight connection and no slack
  • All carbon light weight construction that’s very stiff to give you a direct feel – other foils might feel rubbery by comparison
  • Low drag – super efficient design with amazing glide
  • Everything beautifully packed in padded travel cases
  • Premium fittings including key components in titanium to stop corrosion and the screw heads binding

Armstrong foils are made in New Zealand and are the best we have ridden. Once you have ridden one of these, you won’t go back!

We have standard foil packages with bundle prices. You can tweak the package if you want to change the setup with longer masts, different fuselage lengths, tail wing shims etc to suit your style of riding.

And if you want a Swift Foiling wing board and foil package, then talk to us about a special all inclusive price.

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