Lee Harvey (Pasty) Review

Here’s a few words on the board from Lee Harvey (Pasty)

The Swift Next Generation (NG) 5’0, 80L wing board floats as much as my old 85L board when stood on it but once up and foiling it feels light, nimble and exciting and I get the feel like I’m riding my tiny kite foil board.

The technique to get on the foil is slightly different as you are standing forward. 1st pump of the wing you pump the board to get the nose up and weight back onto the flat tail of the board then simply 2 pumps on the wing and you are up, much faster and easier with no bouncing.

These boards will take your foiling experience to the next level and you will be amazed by the quality right from opening the box!


Lee Harvey

British Kitesurfing Wave Champion 2013 – 2019

 Pasty Adventures

Watersports Coaching Specialists

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