Why we developed the WING NG board

With the help of 7 x British kitesurfing wave champion Lee ‘pasty’ Harvey we have been developing the next generation wingboard.

Advanced riders are trending towards using small ultra high aspect foils such as the Armstrong HA series and the Axis ART. These foils have changed what’s needed from a board.The speed at which foils become effective is drastically different when comparing low and HA foils. This means that the technique used to get up onto the foil is very different when comparing the two.

Low aspect foils begin foiling at a slower speed. Therefore, you could effectively ollie or pump yourself up onto the foil whilst being nowhere near planing. The kick tail aided this motion, helping you to get up on the foil early.

On the other hand HA foils will stall if you try to foil too early. Therefore, these foils require a board that planes early with a high board speed.

We have created the Wing NG, the next generation wingboard.

The design is focused around coping with these new demands. Its long, flat, square tail and flatter rocker line promotes early planing. Adding hard cut edges gives better water release, improving board speed. In addition the foil track has been mounted further forward to pair with the lower lift HA foils allowing you to stand in a more natural riding position.

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