Going light with vacuum epoxy construction

All our boards are built using a vacuum Epoxy Construction with carbon reinforcement added to high stress areas such as; boxes, deck and foot strap locations.

Epoxy’s superior strength when compared to the cheaper alternative polyester meant it was an easy decision for us to make. Vacuum bagging boards during lamination applies an even pressure over the surface which allows us to achieve a greater fibre density within the resin matrix, resulting in a stronger, lighter board.

Carbon Innegra cloth is used to laminate all of our boards. Combining the toughness of the Innegra with the stiffness of the Carbon allows us to manufacture a strong yet lightweight board that won’t ding every time it takes a knock.
We pigment the epoxy during construction rather than painting our boards. What does this mean? In short, no paint, no filler, no nonsense! This also helps keep the weight down and gives a more durable finish that wont scratch off when you put the board down on the beach.

Each board is sanded by hand this gives each board unique and one of a kind finish.


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