Our boards are shaped by CNC, then finished by hand

We designed and built our own 3 dimensional CNC* router to enable us to accurately shape the best foiling boards on the market.

All our boards are designed on specialist computer aided design software.    This defines the shape and allows us to understand the hydrodynamics, buoyancy distribution and volume.  When we are happy with the design we can then machine the EPS blank using the CNC. This allows us to prototype new shapes quickly and adjust the design for the optimum board.   Using CNC we get great machining accuracy and repeatability of profiles.   There is still handcraft involved – lots of little details are finished by hand.

Our testing cycle is quick – we are both actively foiling and putting our feedback straight back into new designs.


* CNC ->  Computer Numerical Control – effectively our foam cutter is moved by computer in 3 dimensions to cut the complex shape of the board.

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