Why build foilboards with Carbon Innegra

What is Innegra?

In short, it is a tough, strong, light weight fibre. Having similar properties to kevlar it is incredibly tough however, unlike kevlar which wicks water, Innegra is hydrophobic, making it the perfect candidate material for water sports equipment.

Carbon fibre has an excellent strength to weight ratio having a low density, high tensile strength and a high Young’s Modulus (stiffness). However, it fails catastrophically due to poor fracture toughness. For this reason full carbon boards are easily damaged and tend to be over built to compensate for this, actually making them heavier.

We use carbon laminates to strengthen key areas around the foil mast box, then over laminate the whole board with Carbon Innegra cloth.    With vacuum based lamination, we ensure the optimum resin/fibre ratio to give ultimatge strength without too much weight.

Our final boards have been tested to destruction with various structural impacts and considerably out-perform mass production moulded polyester boards from big name manufacturers.

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