prone surf foiling on a PR 30L foil board

Winter swell

The first half of the winter has  provided us with some epic days of tow foiling on the sandbar off Hayling Island.

The picture shows Angus riding a monster wave on our Prone 36L board. On this particular day there was a relatively strong offshore wind which held the waves up creating bigger faces than we normally get at Hayling. 

The offshore wind creates an added challenge when foiling  and takes skill to avoid being blown off the back of the wave. This is most apparent early on, while trying to catch the green faces. Reading the wave becomes more important as you must position yourself where the wave will provide the most power. On top of this, keeping high on the mast is also critical as keeping the foil close to the surface will give you more drive from the wave.

The real fun starts when the wave jacks up and starts to break!


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